Jeffrey Campbell

My second pair from Jeffrey Campbell. This pair is a last minute selection. Actually thought of getting the pair with spill oil design, but the collar of the shoes is too loose for me. I like this Calf Dina pretty much for it’s heels design. Only thing is that you could see the nails very clearly from the bottom. They have also in gradient black for the heels but the material of the shoes is suede. As for the gradient black, the nails are hidden perfectly if you were to see from the bottom. It was a tough decision to make, deciding on which one I should get. Sales staff also prefer and recommended the Calf Dina. And I ended up buying the Calf Dina. The more I wear them, the more I’m felling in love with it. Now I’m looking forward to my third pair. Wondering what shall I get next…


Calf Dina

Calf Dina


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