Protect your Hermes Birkin and Kelly

My Outer Bag is selling bag protector for your beloved Hermes Birkin and Kelly. Great for travelling and serve as a protector against dirt or scratches. This has always been a concern for me when carrying luxury bag as I travel and while during security scan checks at airport custom. It is waterproof and protects your bag from the rain. There are different sizes and a wide range of colors to choose from for your bag. But you can’t choose a different strap color to go with the protector as the protector color you choose comes with the strap color that is fixed to it. You may even select either the silver or gold hardware to match your bag hardware color. When I’m not travelling, it can also be used as a protector for storage. And not to worry as it won’t damage the leather. But not suitable as a storage for shiny / vernis leather as it might stick against the protector. Carry now in ease and peace.

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