Sand and Sky

The popular Sand and Sky pink clay mask have arrived. The product claims to detoxify, regenerate skin cells, shrink pores and helps brighten the skin. Recommended usage is twice weekly if you have oily to combination skin. For me, I just use it once a week because I have dry skin. Wouldn’t want to dry out my skin further using a clay mask. This is my first time using a clay mask. After application, I felt a little sting and tingle sensation over the area above my lips. Probably it’s because of my dry/sensitive skin. The feeling does not last long and overall I feel my skin tighten when the mask starts to dry and harden up. After 10 minutes, viola! Skin is so refresh and smooth. Will definitely use this mask twice a week for tightening my pores. The only downside to this product is that the clay will dry and harden up if kept for too long. That is what clay mask is all about. Get your besties kit now and say hi to brilliant skin. What’s best that Sand and Sky is offering free worldwide delivery.